Halloween is just around the corner, which means costumes…costumes…and more costumes! Oh yeah, and of course all the scary movies one could possibly watch in one evening. However, in the Jacobs household Jeremy is pretty much the only one who likes to watch such movies. I get freaked out after watching scary movies. I have to check every closet and under every bed to make sure there isn’t a psycho hiding somewhere. Crazy, I know.

I wasn’t really big on the idea of buying Oliver a costume. I know a lot of new mommies love looking around for the perfect outfit for their little one, but for some reason, going out and buying an outfit he’ll only be wearing for one night seemed kind of crazy to me. Somehow I lucked out! My grandfather’s wife, Betty, loves going to yard sales. This year she stumbled across a duck outfit that was Oliver’s size. I put it on him yesterday and took him outside for some photos. I think he was too freaked out by the costume that he never really smiled. That’s just like him though….Mr. Serious…too busy taking in the world around him to pay attention to me and smile for the camera. I’ve grown to love that about him. He finds patterns very interesting. He studies his toys as he plays with them in his hands. He’s just like his Daddy and I love that.




One thought on “Halloween…

  1. Toni says:

    Ashley that is precious

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