Our house.

We are currently renting our house from Jeremy’s brother, Josh, who moved to Maryland for business. It’s the perfect house for us…fenced in backyard, quiet neighborhood, and a new family across the street who just so happens to have a cop in the mix. It’s nice to have a house across the street from you with a police car parked outside a good bit of the day. Especially, since Jeremy sometimes works late nights. I guess it gives me a sense of security, which is nice.

Anyway, last night Jeremy and I were bored and couldn’t find anything good to watch on TV, so we decided to rearrange our living room. We’ve had it the same way for almost 5 months now and it was starting to feel a little ‘blah.’ I feel horrible for Jeremy because I had to hold Oliver or else he’d start to cry during the whole process. I think we switched everything around at least 10 times. He had to move the dresser with the TV on it from wall to wall, then back again. We ended up picking the first setup we tried, haha! At least he got what he wanted and I actually like it a lot better! It feels more like home. It’s funny how rearranging a room can make you feel like you have a new house. Our walls are seriously lacking in the decoration department. We need some curtains as well, but I guess when we are out we forget about it.

Our TV used to be where the small couch is now.

Our big couch used to be up against the window.

We are going to get something to cover up the nice little wire running across the floor.

Our open floor plan kitchen.


One thought on “Our house.

  1. Bobbi says:

    I love your house! So pretty! I would love rearrange mine but it’s too small. lol Ugh. We need more room. 😦

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