Exactly one month from today!

Going on almost 3 years now, there is one thing I look forward to every year…Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania with Jeremy and his family! My first trip up was so much fun. I know his family must think I’m crazy, because all we do is lay around in sweat pants, eat, watch TV, play card games, and eat some more. Yet, for some reason, I love it. Every worry, stress, deadline, or exam ceases to exist the moment you arrive. I’ve never met a family as warm and inviting as Jeremy’s. The very first time I went up, everyone treated me so kindly that I couldn’t wait to come back the following year. I view his family as my family now and I love that Oliver will have that same excitement as I do every year.

There is this one tradition that Jeremy’s family does every year. We all get in a circle around the kitchen table, right after all the food is done cooking, and we all say what we are thankful for that year. Jeremy warned me the first year about how emotional it can get. I don’t think a single person can go without shedding at least a tear or two. I can’t even begin to imagine how emotional I will be this year because of Oliver and how grateful I am for the support both of our families have shown us. I almost hope Jeremy and I won’t make it up in time for the thanks because I don’t know if I could even get through the first few minutes. Ever since having Oliver, I’ve become an emotional nutcase. I could just say how happy I am to have him in my life and that would trigger the waterworks. And then that lump, that damn lump in my throat…I hate it… The more I try to control my emotions the tighter it gets. Grr.

To make a long story short, I will just say I’m counting down the days! Starting today, it is exactly one month away. Oh, and it will be Oliver’s first time out of West Virginia. I’m crossing my fingers he does okay on the way up!

My first trip up…boy I was I skinny! =/ Ha.

From my second trip up…Nan took me everywhere to take pictures!

13.5 Weeks Pregnant.

And here is that little man I was carrying around for 9+ months!



3 thoughts on “Exactly one month from today!

  1. millennialdad says:

    I love that month between Thanksgiving and Christmas, just such a great time. Parker was about 5 months old for Christmas last year and I know he had fun, I can’t even imagine what it’s going to be like this year.

    And a lot we have to be thankful for, huh?

  2. Very true Scott! Oliver will be 6 months old for thanksgiving and 7 months old for Christmas. It’s going to be completely different now with a baby. All those things we used to love about Christmas such as Santa Claus will be new and exciting for them as well as for us again. 🙂

  3. lakensmama says:

    I can’t wait until Nov.1 when things start getting all holiday-ish. I’m soooo excited! That is the cutest thing ever, about saying what you are thankful for. I can just imagine…I would bawl my eyes out. lol.
    Christmas is going to be so different for us now, with Santa Claus back in our lives lol 😉

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