Early Bedtime.

Oliver has taken several naps today, which is very unlike him. He’s let us put him in his swing and doze off into Dreamland. I’ve been struggling with trying to get him to go to bed earlier. His normal bedtime is 2am…way tooooo late for a baby, I know. He sleeps like a champ though…8-10 hours. I just can’t seem to get motivated to do anything. I can’t get motivated to wake him up earlier because I sleep in with him and I get plenty of rest that way. I can’t get motivated to put him in his crib at night. It seems like ever since we got home from the hospital he refuses to sleep anywhere other than his Cradle&Sway swing. I know I’m to blame for this because I love having him in my bedroom so I can hear and see him if anything were to happen. I’ve seriously got to get over it and let him cry it out. I’m not very comfortable with the cry-it-out method. According to both of our parents, Jeremy and I were quite a handful when we were babies. I had Colic and he was just stubborn and would cry for hours. As I am learning, payback can be quite a b*tch. Yikes!

This week, however, I’m going to gain back control of our house. I need to get up earlier with Oliver and make sure he starts going to bed earlier. These late nights are kind of exhausting and I think he’s cranky because we don’t have a routine he can rely on yet. I need to do this because when we go to Pennsylvania I don’t want to be up at 2am pacing around the cabin with an exhausted 6 month old. There is also the benefit of having some alone time with Jeremy!

I re-edited some pictures tonight.


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