Seasonal Depression, etc.

I don’t know what my problem is, but it’s about this time every year that I get hit with a little bit of depression. I claim my favorite season of all is fall, yet I always have this little bit of anxiety right before all the holidays arrive. It could have to do with the sun setting around 5:30pm or the fact that the skies will be painted gray for the next several months. I’m a sunshine kind of person…I love natural lighting. Jeremy gets a little annoyed with me because I always open our family room blinds in the morning causing the house to heat up. I can’t help it! I love the natural light.

This year I think it’s hitting me a little harder because I let an entire summer go by without really getting out and exercising. I gained A LOT of weight while I was pregnant with Oliver. I was so fat and jolly the entire 9+ months that I didn’t realize that it would be hard to find the time and energy to exercise after Oliver arrived. I’ve made up so many excuses, but I realize now that it’s time to really start eating better. I want to be able to keep up with my little man when he starts crawling and running around. I’ve started dieting a little bit with some of friends who have also had babies in the past several months. It’s hard though, especially since it’s starting to get cold outside.

I really appreciate Jeremy and how he makes me feel beautiful even when I’m definitely not looking my best. He deserves to have a happy and healthy woman by his side. I’m going to use that as my motivation to lose this weight. Wish me luck…lol.

This little guy will surely make winter a little brighter…

I love those chunky little legs!

Little man feeling Mommy’s seasonal depression, lol.


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