November skies…

As always, it seems like fall is almost already over and winter is taking its place. I’m wondering about taking Oliver for walks, because I don’t know if the weather would be good for him to be out in for an hour or so at a time. I’m craving some fresh air! It seems like I stay inside most of the day, only getting out when I need something from the store. I loved today though…The Jacobs stayed in their sweatpants and pajamas all day long. That must be a reason I love fall so much…it gives you a reason to just be lazy some days.


Oliver likes talking during his feedings…hence the green beans all over his bib.

I’ve been working on feeding Oliver some solids lately…he’s definitely got his favorites. Whenever I try a new food he bunches up his face into a big frown and then spits out the food. Those bibs are worthless…it just goes onto his pant legs or on his sleeves. I love having a baby around…even if that means total exhaustion, smelling like spit-up, and constantly doing laundry. It’s neat seeing him do new things every week. Last week, he was a famous composer, waving his right hand around frantically while the imaginary orchestra followed his lead. This week, he likes to study our faces with his fingers. He’s doing a lot better sitting up by himself, although he’s nowhere near being able to sit up by himself without a pillow behind him. It’s going to be interesting to see how much he’s grown between now and Christmas. I wonder if he’ll be able to take joy in ripping paper off presents. I know he won’t know what’s going on, but it still is exciting. If I had tons of money I’d probably go out and buy him tons of stuff he won’t even be able to play with until he’s two years old.


One thought on “November skies…

  1. Shama says:

    I want to meet Oliver so bad. He’s sooo cute!
    Oh, I meant to tell you – there is this brand of baby food from Toys R Us called Ella’s Kitchen. Bobbi told me about it…it’s all organic. Today Laken tried the Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Apple, Blueberry kind. And he actually liked it! What a combo…lol.

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