This morning, I grabbed a carton of skim milk out of the fridge and checked the expiration date just to make sure it was still good. All of a sudden, my mind flooded with memories of my pregnancy with Oliver. I remember looking at the expiration dates all during my 9+ months of being pregnant and thinking to myself “Oh my…we’re getting closer to the time when the expiration date will be Oliver’s due date!” It was exciting for me. Everything became about dates and weeks. In a way, it still is about dates and weeks now that he is actually here. Thanksgiving will be 6 months and Christmas will be 7 months. And then you add in all the milestone months and what is supposed to happen during those weeks in terms of his development. It’s kind of creepy how spot on my newsletters are that I receive via e-mail. Earlier in the week, I’ll start to think about something and then all of a sudden, I’ll get an e-mail from Birthcenter that answers the question I thought about earlier in the week.

This is Oliver pretty much every time we put him on his belly.

In the beginning, I had several friends of mine who were pregnant with me. The age difference between their babies and Oliver is about 3.5 months to only 9 days apart. Each one has developed in their own way. I began to get frustrated because it seemed like all of their babies were developing faster than Oliver. They would hit their milestones around the age where they were supposed to. Oliver would hit his a little later. I thought something was wrong with Ollie when he wasn’t laughing or smiling at 6 weeks. Looking back, it is quite silly. My baby boy has really bad acid reflux and I’ve had a difficult time getting him to do tummy time or lie down flat to do certain developmental exercises. I know he might not be on target as most of the other babies, but I no longer get frustrated about it. Every baby develops at their own pace and it’s neat to see the other ones hit their milestones. It gives me something to look forward to with Oliver. It’s so weird how one day Oliver won’t be able to do something and then the next day he will just surprise me. It usually happens, literally, overnight.


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