Luckiest woman alive.

There are some days when I forget to realize how lucky I am to wake up next to a man who loves me dearly and a son we had a part in creating who will one day call me Mommy. It puts a smile on my face just thinking about it. Ollie was such a funny little man last night. He goes through these phases where he discovers a new voice and then starts to coo in that new voice. Last night was by far the best voice he’s played around with. It’s hard to describe, but I should have just grabbed the camcorder and taped him. It was really high-pitched and made him start to giggle and kick his legs. Luckiest woman alive!

I feel so good today! I went to my mom’s house yesterday and walked on the treadmill while she watched Oliver. I logged in 1 hour exactly and walked about 3.4 miles. I know that’s not a lot compared to the 4+ miles I used to walk on the treadmill within an hour, but it just put me into a totally different mood today. I’m happy and I feel motivated to continue with this health kick. My mom took my measurements and weight, so hopefully within a month we will notice somewhat of a difference. I won’t talk much about dieting anymore on here, but I will maybe update some big losses in the future. It will be such a BIG boost to my self-confidence to know at the end of this that I will have lost a good bit of weight. I just need to continue to think positively about it. I carried a human being inside of my body for over 9 months and I’m not just going to bounce back to my pre-body weight without some sweat and tears.

My mom is going to be my biggest inspiration. Over the last two years my mom has maintained an 80 pound weight loss! Music is what really helped me get through the workout yesterday…Thank you, Mr. Cee-lo Green and The Black Keys!

Two totally different genres of music, lol!


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