2 Weeks…

From today I’ll be packing up the car with Jeremy and Oliver and heading to Pennsylvania. What’s crazier is that Ollie will be 6 months old on the 26th. Does time just automatically fly by once you have a child? That seems to be the case for me. Several of my friends who announced they were pregnant right before I had Oliver are now giving birth to their babies. I wasn’t like those girls…I announced my pregnancy pretty much the moment the stick said ‘pregnant.’ I couldn’t help it! I’ve never been one to hold back surprises. Jeremy usually knows what he’s getting from me for Christmas and vice versa.

I just got done cleaning up the house a little bit while Oliver slept in his swing. I hate turning on the vacuum cleaner because I think it really scares him. He always starts to scream really loud and his expression looks fearful. I put him in the swing in our bedroom and turned on the TV to the History Channel. For some reason, any time I’ve had something to do and I’ve needed something to distract Oliver, that channel always does the trick. He’s still in there right now as I’m writing this. I have a feeling that boy is going to be one smart cookie.

Yesterday, my mom and I took Ollie to my Papoo’s house, because he’s headed to Florida today for the winter. Papoo’s wife, Betty, got Ollie some new toys. He loves them! He was a little bit shy around Papoo and Betty, but the moment we put him on the floor to check out the toys he just seemed so distracted while he studied the toy and why it made noises.

Happy Birthday to my dad! He turns 58 today =)


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