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Happy New Year!

I can’t believe today is New Year’s Eve. This year has been extremely good to me. Time is flying by and I can’t really slow things down no matter how hard I try. I’m looking forward to the New Year. I always shunned the cliche goals of bringing in the New Year, but this year, I can’t help but make “Weight Loss” a big priority. I went to my dad’s wedding and saw pictures of myself and couldn’t help but shudder. I know I talk about weight on here a lot, but I’m going to try not to. I think I’ll create a whole other blog on that so I don’t talk about it on here.

Anyway, Oliver is officially 7 months old! He got so many nice things for Christmas…it was amazing! For some reason, people just love buying for babies. Not that I’m complaining…he got several new outfits and a lot of toys. He was outgrowing everything. Tonight I bought him a Jumperoo and put it together. O-M-G…the boy wouldn’t stop jumping constantly. It did give me a chance to try out the new Zumba game I got for the Wii. I tried out some of the moves while Ollie bounced like a mad man in his Jumperoo.

We are making some progress with Oliver and his crib-training! He officially sleeps in there for a good 7-9 hours before waking up to eat, which he then goes back to sleep either in his crib or in our bed. Tonight was my first night alone trying the crib-training since Jeremy has been off for the last 6 days. We let him sleep in our bed a few nights due to Christmas and my dad’s wedding. We needed to be up extra early and didn’t want to be exhausted from hearing him cry for an hour or so. He only cried for 10 minutes tonight!! Maybe that little Jumperoo will wear him out before he goes to bed =)


It’s been a long time since I promised I would make some headway in the crib department. Well, Jeremy called me from work the other day and asked if I wanted to possibly move Oliver’s crib into our bedroom for the first month or so. I was actually kind of relieved that Jeremy was the one who brought it up first and not me. I have become so attached to Oliver since he came into my life May 26, 2010. Having him sleep in bed with Jeremy and I probably only made that attachment worse. I never slept very soundly when he was in our bed, but I loved knowing he was okay the moment I opened my eyes. He would always curl up next to me and feel my face as he soothed himself to sleep. It was precious.

Oliver’s new “expression”

Last night, we tried his crib out for the first time. It is now set up right across from me and we also left off the bumper so he can see us as an added level of comfort. It was so heartbreaking to see him crying for me. He would just stare at me as I laid in bed with tears streaming down his face. I started to question why I wanted him in his crib in the first place. Obviously, he’s much safer in his crib. I’ll also be able to control his bedtime a little bit more with him in his own crib. He needs structure in his life. Right now he just goes to sleep when Jeremy and I do and he gets up when we get up. I want to have an extra hour or two in the evenings to myself or with Jeremy.

After a successful try last night, he slept a total of 8.5 hours in his crib. However, it was all on his belly, which had me waking up throughout the night to make sure he was still breathing. Crazy, I know…considering I was a belly baby myself. Tonight we will try again. Jeremy is at work though, so it’s just me until he gets home. I’m nervous, but ready for this new chapter in our lives. Oliver needs a solid bedtime and naptime routine to help regulate his days. I think he gets overly tired sometimes, which makes him very fussy. Ah, childbirth is nothing compared to raising your baby. That’s where the hard part starts.

Oliver’s first trip out in the snow…

We’ve been having lots of snow accumulations this week! My mom is a teacher at the middle school and they’ve been out for at least 2 days this week. She’s also been very sick, so it’s worked out best for her so she doesn’t have to take any sick days. The little snow outfit Ollie is wearing is actually from the sweet, Laureen, from Flickr. She lives in Canada and she sent a very sweet package over the summer. Oliver fit into the outfit perfectly…not a pound more or he’d probably be too big for it.

This week has been kind of rough. I think Oliver is about to pop a tooth or something. He’s been very fussy in the evenings. He’s discovered this really high-pitched scream that just gets under my skin. I’ve always been around him 24/7 for the last week, so maybe date night will refresh my nerves a bit. Oliver has discovered the “bah bah bah” sounds…it’s very cute! He likes talking with the B’s.

Dream Careers…

I have 2 dream careers I would love to eventually take on…granted if the economy were better…

1. Interior Decorator

2. Photographer

I love decorating, even though my house definitely doesn’t look like it. I could look at interior decorating magazines all day long and never get bored. I love looking on Flickr at all of the photos of people’s homes. I’m a sucker for country houses, with some modern flare. If I could, I’d buy an older home and renovate it. I love kitchens!!

I love photography…I want to learn more about it though. When I go back to school in the fall I’m definitely minoring in photography. I would love to shoot weddings and portraits. Ah, to do the last five years all over again…only if somehow I’d still end up meeting Jeremy and having little Oliver…I would! I could kick myself for not taking school seriously when it was just me, myself, and I. Haha…it’s going to be quite a challenge balancing a baby boy, school, and being a wife! I look forward to it though. I want to make sure Oliver never goes without something he needs. I want to make a good life for him and for Jeremy as well.

All this talk about the future motivates me!


Oliver is delighting us this week with some of his new milestones…rolling over! He’s been able to roll from his back to his belly for a while now, but this week he learned to roll back onto his back again. Now that he’s gotten the hang of rolling, it seems like all he wants to do is move around. I’ll leave the room for one minute to put some dishes away in the kitchen and then I’ll walk back in and he’ll be looking up at me on his belly with a big smile on his face. It’s so cute! Ah, he’s so precious…I can’t get enough of him! Oh, and my dad (Pappy) stopped by last night and put together an early Christmas gift to Oliver…a highchair!

Jeremy and I are fed up with being fat. I’m fat, he’s not…but he wants to lose weight too. We’ve started doing the Wii Fit and although it’s not quite like really working out at the gym, it still gives you a good calorie burn and it’s fun! We got tired of just sitting around watching TV and complaining about how we want to lose weight. I think the more we work out and the more we start to lose, the more we’ll feel better about ourselves. We are going on a family beach trip over the summer and we both agreed that we don’t want to be heavy and hiding under layers of clothing. Our goal is to lose some weight by June! Positive thinking =)


Holiday Cheer…

Yay! We finally put up our Christmas tree! Oliver has been the best little baby today as well. He just watched from his swing as we put up the tree and strung it with lights. It’s a dainty little tree, but I love it. We still need to get ornaments to really jazz it up. The one above in the picture is from Jeremy’s mom. My mom bought the exact same one for her tree. I’m starting to get more and more excited about putting some of Oliver’s gifts under the tree.

Jeremy and I went out tonight while Grammy and Gramps watched Oliver for us. It was my first time venturing out into the mall area since Black Friday. I can’t believe how rude people are this time of year. If you put your hand on an almost sold-out item and hesitate whether or not you want to buy it, someone else will snatch it real quick the moment your hand leaves the item. It’s craziness! Besides that, I’m loving this time of year. I love snuggling up inside while it snows outside. I know this feeling will quickly fade once the holidays come and go, so I’m really trying to soak up every minute of it that I can. I’m not even really looking forward to receiving gifts this year. I just want to see how Oliver will be when he gets his gifts. He’ll probably just look at them and throw them around, not realizing he has a nice gift underneath all of that fancy wrapping paper. Ha, I can’t wait!


Baby boy was wiped out…


We had our first snow storm today…well, it wasn’t really a snow storm, but snow accumulated and made me a happy camper! I can’t wait until Oliver gets old enough to want to go outside and play in it. For now, I’m enjoying snuggling up with him inside our warm house.

Last night, Grammy Toni came by and watched Oliver for a few hours so Jeremy and I could go out to eat and just have a little time to ourselves. We drove around after dinner and looked at Christmas lights and I showed him one of the houses I used to live in. I grew up in several different homes…like around 28 houses. We moved a lot. Now that I’m an adult and aware of financial strains, it’s kind of sad to see how many houses don’t have Christmas lights up. I guess a lot of people are trying to save every penny they can, even if that means cutting back on lights to save on their electricity bill. I hope Jeremy and I never live above our means. I hope we always appreciate the little things. Maybe Oliver will too! I can’t wait to decorate gingerbread houses together and make Christmas cards for people. I don’t know…maybe that’s more of a mother-daughter thing? Lol.

Counting my blessings.

It’s easy to overlook all of the good things in your life and focus on the bad things. It’s something I’ve done a little too much of lately. Our little getaway to Pennsylvania really helped put everything into focus for me. Oliver was an absolute angel the entire trip. When they say laughter is the best medicine, they aren’t lying. I laughed so many times while away that my throat actually started to hurt. I laughed so hard I cried…probably 10 times. Being around Jeremy’s family is always refreshing, but this year I really needed it.

Becoming a mom was the absolute best thing to ever happen to me. It’s also been the most overwhelming thing to ever happen to me. I have so much love for Oliver and Jeremy and sometimes I don’t know how to filter my emotions correctly. I hold things in for a while and then I explode. Being able to take a few days away from W.Va really helped me collect myself. I enjoyed being around everyone and seeing how well Oliver adapted to his new environment. He laughed a lot, played on his little mat while making new noises we had never heard before, and he also just sat on my lap and let me play cards with everyone. Jeremy and I also had a few times away where Grammy Toni would watch our little man and allow us to just relax. We appreciated that very much.

When you start a family, you begin to cherish moments you never really thought were important before. I have a special family of my own and I also have a special family with Jeremy. I enjoyed playing Apples to Apples with his family and Phase 10. I’ve brought Phase 10 back to WV and now my family enjoys playing it. This year I’ll introduce them to Apples to Apples. I love the fact that my mom still has baby toys from when I was a baby that Oliver is now playing with. I love that he sat in a baby rocking chair that my mom and Aunt Cheryl once sat in when they were his age. I want to carry on traditions for him to enjoy later on when he’s old enough. It’s exciting to know that Oliver will be waiting up until early in the morning in hopes of seeing “Santa Claus” and that he’ll help me bake cookies the night before to put out.

Any time I start to feel down again, I hope that I’ll be able to remember things like that to cheer me up.

Updating just to let you know I’ll be updating.

I’ve been meaning to update on here since we got back from Pennsylvania, but time has flown by and I’m still kind of exhausted from the trip. I promise an update is coming tomorrow!