We had our first snow storm today…well, it wasn’t really a snow storm, but snow accumulated and made me a happy camper! I can’t wait until Oliver gets old enough to want to go outside and play in it. For now, I’m enjoying snuggling up with him inside our warm house.

Last night, Grammy Toni came by and watched Oliver for a few hours so Jeremy and I could go out to eat and just have a little time to ourselves. We drove around after dinner and looked at Christmas lights and I showed him one of the houses I used to live in. I grew up in several different homes…like around 28 houses. We moved a lot. Now that I’m an adult and aware of financial strains, it’s kind of sad to see how many houses don’t have Christmas lights up. I guess a lot of people are trying to save every penny they can, even if that means cutting back on lights to save on their electricity bill. I hope Jeremy and I never live above our means. I hope we always appreciate the little things. Maybe Oliver will too! I can’t wait to decorate gingerbread houses together and make Christmas cards for people. I don’t know…maybe that’s more of a mother-daughter thing? Lol.


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