Oliver is delighting us this week with some of his new milestones…rolling over! He’s been able to roll from his back to his belly for a while now, but this week he learned to roll back onto his back again. Now that he’s gotten the hang of rolling, it seems like all he wants to do is move around. I’ll leave the room for one minute to put some dishes away in the kitchen and then I’ll walk back in and he’ll be looking up at me on his belly with a big smile on his face. It’s so cute! Ah, he’s so precious…I can’t get enough of him! Oh, and my dad (Pappy) stopped by last night and put together an early Christmas gift to Oliver…a highchair!

Jeremy and I are fed up with being fat. I’m fat, he’s not…but he wants to lose weight too. We’ve started doing the Wii Fit and although it’s not quite like really working out at the gym, it still gives you a good calorie burn and it’s fun! We got tired of just sitting around watching TV and complaining about how we want to lose weight. I think the more we work out and the more we start to lose, the more we’ll feel better about ourselves. We are going on a family beach trip over the summer and we both agreed that we don’t want to be heavy and hiding under layers of clothing. Our goal is to lose some weight by June! Positive thinking =)



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