Oliver’s first trip out in the snow…

We’ve been having lots of snow accumulations this week! My mom is a teacher at the middle school and they’ve been out for at least 2 days this week. She’s also been very sick, so it’s worked out best for her so she doesn’t have to take any sick days. The little snow outfit Ollie is wearing is actually from the sweet, Laureen, from Flickr. She lives in Canada and she sent a very sweet package over the summer. Oliver fit into the outfit perfectly…not a pound more or he’d probably be too big for it.

This week has been kind of rough. I think Oliver is about to pop a tooth or something. He’s been very fussy in the evenings. He’s discovered this really high-pitched scream that just gets under my skin. I’ve always been around him 24/7 for the last week, so maybe date night will refresh my nerves a bit. Oliver has discovered the “bah bah bah” sounds…it’s very cute! He likes talking with the B’s.


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