It’s been a long time since I promised I would make some headway in the crib department. Well, Jeremy called me from work the other day and asked if I wanted to possibly move Oliver’s crib into our bedroom for the first month or so. I was actually kind of relieved that Jeremy was the one who brought it up first and not me. I have become so attached to Oliver since he came into my life May 26, 2010. Having him sleep in bed with Jeremy and I probably only made that attachment worse. I never slept very soundly when he was in our bed, but I loved knowing he was okay the moment I opened my eyes. He would always curl up next to me and feel my face as he soothed himself to sleep. It was precious.

Oliver’s new “expression”

Last night, we tried his crib out for the first time. It is now set up right across from me and we also left off the bumper so he can see us as an added level of comfort. It was so heartbreaking to see him crying for me. He would just stare at me as I laid in bed with tears streaming down his face. I started to question why I wanted him in his crib in the first place. Obviously, he’s much safer in his crib. I’ll also be able to control his bedtime a little bit more with him in his own crib. He needs structure in his life. Right now he just goes to sleep when Jeremy and I do and he gets up when we get up. I want to have an extra hour or two in the evenings to myself or with Jeremy.

After a successful try last night, he slept a total of 8.5 hours in his crib. However, it was all on his belly, which had me waking up throughout the night to make sure he was still breathing. Crazy, I know…considering I was a belly baby myself. Tonight we will try again. Jeremy is at work though, so it’s just me until he gets home. I’m nervous, but ready for this new chapter in our lives. Oliver needs a solid bedtime and naptime routine to help regulate his days. I think he gets overly tired sometimes, which makes him very fussy. Ah, childbirth is nothing compared to raising your baby. That’s where the hard part starts.


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