Monthly Archives: January 2011

Little man turned 8 months old yesterday!

I wish I had thought about the chalkboard idea long before Oliver’s 8th month…It would have been neat to incorporate it into pictures. I can’t believe how much he’s grown this month. I’ve been playing with him a lot on the floor lately and he seems to love it. He used to hate being on the floor so I always put him in his swing or Jumperoo when I needed to take a break. I think the floor time has a lot to do with me breaking my iPhone and realizing how much time I spent on it. It’s so easy to become addicted to the different apps/games, internet, facebook, etc. I’m kind of glad I don’t have it anymore. I feel like I spend more time doing things productive then just wasting time on my phone. I now understand what my brother meant when he said it was better to do away with some technology and live your life.

Anyway, today I am going to go shopping for some home stuff! I’m excited because a lot of what I want to do involves creating things on my own. I just need some materials! I can’t wait to start working on everything. Also, I need to really start walking on the treadmill. We have it at my house now and I have yet to step on it once. Blah! Summer will be here before I know it and April is usually when it starts to warm up…must get motivated!!


Late nights…

We have officially gotten Oliver on a bedtime routine! But, for some reason, I am getting less sleep now than before we established said routine. I love staying up late again and whenever I put Ollie to bed, I just go into the family room and curl up on the couch and watch TV…or read a book…or look up all kinds of home decorating ideas online. I LOVE my alone time in the evenings. I also love my baby boy and giving him his bath and reading to him before putting him to bed. I have really missed that little window of time to just have to myself. It’s been almost 8 months since I’ve really enjoyed it.When Jeremy is home from work we watch TV together or talk about life, which is something I really love as well. I hope I don’t sound horrible, because I love my time with Ollie very much!

Jamie came over yesterday with her little boy, Mason. He is about 3.5 months older than Ollie, so he is closing in on his 1st birthday. It is always interesting to see Mason and how much he’s grown, because I know Oliver will be there shortly as well. He was crawling all over the place and holding onto the couch and walking alongside it. He’s trying to walk by himself a little bit! I always thought I wanted Oliver to do that right away, but seeing how much Mason moved around is kind of making me a little afraid. Ollie is going to be into EVERYTHING! I’ll definitely have to buy some gates to block off the kitchen and hallway. Yikes!

On a side note, my younger brother, Brent, left for Ecuador this week. He will be gone for about 8 months. I know he needs this trip to kind of clear his head and start anew, but I worry about him. He went with his best friend, Jon, who promised to make sure Brent does come back, haha. I can’t wait to see pictures from around Ecuador. I hope he has a great time and ends up coming back home happy and refreshed. He’s had a pretty rough year and I know this will be good for him.  Ahh…he’s going to miss Ollie’s first birthday =(

Brent at the airport.

It’s exciting and terrifying…

I never realized how fast time goes by until I became a parent. I see the world in a completely different light now. For me, life is evolving and it’s exciting and terrifying. I look at Oliver and think about how I was once that small. The 26 years that I’ve lived so far used to seem so long to me…now all of a sudden I think of memories when I was 5 years old and it seems just like yesterday. The only thing terrifying about growing older is that you realize this is your one shot at life here and you want to make the most of it. Some days you go to bed thinking you could have done more in the day other than just lay around and watch TV. Other days, you go to bed thinking you did a lot and you feel accomplished. I want to the accomplished feeling to outweigh the regretful feeling.

The exciting part of growing older is that you get to watch your child evolve into a grown adult and see them raise a family. Right now I am pushing Oliver’s walker back and forth with my foot while he sleeps in it so I can grab a minute to write all this down. I love watching him grow every week. He’s such a character. I’ve never loved another human being as much as I love him…and Jeremy! I sometimes have a hard time connecting Oliver with my pregnancy. I get butterflies in my stomach when I think about how he was the baby I was anxiously waiting 9 months to meet. He was the little one I was feeling kicking and rolling around in my tummy. He has a personality and he makes us laugh and worry and happy and anxious and sometimes mad (when he refuses to sleep at night). Although I never thought of myself as old before I had him, he kind of makes that transition a little easier.