Little man turned 8 months old yesterday!

I wish I had thought about the chalkboard idea long before Oliver’s 8th month…It would have been neat to incorporate it into pictures. I can’t believe how much he’s grown this month. I’ve been playing with him a lot on the floor lately and he seems to love it. He used to hate being on the floor so I always put him in his swing or Jumperoo when I needed to take a break. I think the floor time has a lot to do with me breaking my iPhone and realizing how much time I spent on it. It’s so easy to become addicted to the different apps/games, internet, facebook, etc. I’m kind of glad I don’t have it anymore. I feel like I spend more time doing things productive then just wasting time on my phone. I now understand what my brother meant when he said it was better to do away with some technology and live your life.

Anyway, today I am going to go shopping for some home stuff! I’m excited because a lot of what I want to do involves creating things on my own. I just need some materials! I can’t wait to start working on everything. Also, I need to really start walking on the treadmill. We have it at my house now and I have yet to step on it once. Blah! Summer will be here before I know it and April is usually when it starts to warm up…must get motivated!!


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