Monthly Archives: March 2011

Update on life…

I can’t believe how bad I am about updating this blog! I guess life is kind of crazy right now. That happens when you have a baby and a fiance who works and goes to school all the time. I’m finding it difficult to keep up on housework and our bedroom is a mess!

Well, for some new updates…I don’t know if I mentioned this in the last post, but Oliver is in his own bedroom! He does pretty well most nights and other nights he wakes up and we just bring him in bed with us. He is a slithering, rolling machine these days. I can’t sit still because he usually makes his way towards the dresser with the TV on it and so I’m constantly moving him to the center of the family room. I love watching him each day. He seems to gain more and more independence each week. His 9 month appointment was this week and he did very well with his second flu shot. He is now 20lbs, 12oz. and 29 inches long. I’m still trying to get over my fears of him choking on solid food and it’s kind of hindered him from trying new food textures. I have been giving him a sippy cup and some puffs. I break up the puffs into small pieces. lol. I never thought I’d worry about that as much as I do.

As for me…I joined Weight Watchers this week. I will never disclose how much I weigh until maybe I’ve lost all of it, haha. But, I have lost 3.5 pounds so far since Monday. I’m pretty happy with that. I bought this starter kit at the first meeting and it comes with a WW cookbook and I really want to try some of their recipes. We actually ┬áhave fruit in our fridge that isn’t going to waste! I know I need to do this for myself. I need to feel good and just be healthy in general. I think WW is going to be what really works for me in the end. Knowing I have to weigh-in every Monday helps when I’m craving something unhealthy.

Jeremy and I are planning a trip to PA at the end of the month to visit his relatives. We’re bringing his mom with us so she can watch Oliver a night or two. I’m so nervous about leaving him overnight. Ekkk…I need to relax a little bit. I completely trust Toni with him though. It’s insane how attached you become to your babies.

I look at old pictures of Oliver and can’t believe how much he’s grown in the last 9 months. In most of his older pictures he’s Mr. Serious. His personality has really started to show over his 9 months of life. I can’t hand him over to anyone without him double checking where I am. He even gets fussy with Jeremy if I’m in the room, so I usually have to leave so he’ll be a good boy with his Daddy. It’s usually during his bedtime routine that he gets upset.

Well, that’s all I can really think of right now!