Monthly Archives: June 2011

Ollie Bear.


Today felt amazing outside. Cool, not very humid at all. Oliver and I went over to my mom’s new place while Jeremy worked. I love knowing I have a little companion with me who lights up the lives around him. He is so full of life these days…bouncing around, getting into things he’s not supposed to, growing, laughing, mimicking… having a 1-year old makes life interesting. Never a dull moment! I love taking naps with him, although for some reason, most days when I try to nap with him, he decides to play around in the bed and jump all over me. I wouldn’t trade my life in for anything.

Child is obsessed with the front door…loves looking outside!



What a month!

This past month has been quite amazing and busy! It’s also been exhausting, but I’m not complaining. I’ve been doing more and more everyday filling up the hours being productive. I finally had enough of sitting on my butt all day and decided to enjoy life. Oliver turned 1 on May 26 and we had THREE birthday parties for him! Yes, birthday overkill, but hey, you only turn 1 once. I’ve been cleaning up the house on a daily basis. You’d be surprised at how fast our house gets messy thanks to our 22lb offspring 😉 He’s so precious in every way! He has been surprising us lately with new milestones. He can now high-five, wave, clap…pretty much everything but walk yet. I guess that will come in due time. It’s amazing to see how many lives he’s touched in just his first year with us. We had close to 30 of our family members come and celebrate his birthday. It’s just a feeling I can’t really find a word to describe, but I will say it fills my heart with joy and love.

I took engagement pictures today for Jeremy’s cousin, Rachel, and her fiance, Tony. Both very sweet people and I’m so lucky to get along with Jeremy’s family. Rachel helped paint our entire house a few days after I had Oliver so we could move in. She does a lot for people and I’m glad I was able to re-pay her by taking her pictures. It felt great to take pictures again, especially since Grammy Toni was watching Ollie and I knew I could take my time.

I think I will just end this post with some pictures…or a lot of pictures to sum up the last month.