I can already smell the ocean…

Our first vacation with Oliver is in less than two days! We leave Sunday morning and we’ll be gone for a whole week. I’m not sure who all reads this, but I’m guessing not very many since I don’t advertise my blog all over the place. So that being said, it’s safe to say that Jeremy and I are going to get married on the 14th while we are at the beach. We’ve only told our immediate family, but we’re excited! I’m excited for a few other reasons…I’ll have my son’s last name, I’ll be a wife to an amazing man, and I think our families won’t be as embarrassed about us not being married and having a child together anymore. It’s never really bothered me and I’ve always felt a part of Jeremy’s family. They’ve been extremely sweet to me and I love how much they adore Ollie.

Jeremy and I really need this vacation. It’s been a stressful year with him working full-time and going to school. I should say, Jeremy deserves this trip. He’s been amazing! I know it gets stressful raising a baby, but I’m sure it’s even more stressful dealing with exams and work. This year is his last year of school. I’m excited for him because I know how hard he’s worked and how much he loves his maj

or. I think he’ll actually really enjoying working in the business world where people are more appreciative of their employees and run more professionally.

Anyway, I guess I’ll have quite a few pictures to upload next week! CANNOT WAIT!


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