Day 2.

Oliver has had a fascination with dogs for quite a while now. One of his first big words was “doggie.” So it’s no surprise that Jeremy and I thought about getting him a new puppy. We looked at several different animal shelters and finally found one in Portsmouth, Ohio that had a few lab mix puppies. We wanted a medium-large breed of dog because we feared a small dog wouldn’t last very long around Oliver. He doesn’t quite grasp the concept of soft petting yet. He’s getting there though! The drive to the animal shelter took about 1.5 hours, but it was worth it. Once we picked up Baxter, Oliver wanted to hold him or pet him the entire way back home.

Last night was very easy…Baxter went outside a few times and went to the bathroom. We played with him for a few hours and then when it came time to put him in his crate, he went right to sleep. He woke up once during the night and I let him outside to go to the bathroom, then he went back to sleep after a little whimpering. It’s kind of like having a newborn again the house, but much easier. I’m sure it would wear some people out having to do that, but I guess I’m used to not really sleeping through the night anymore. I always get up from time to time and put the monitor up to my ear to make sure I can still hear Oliver breathing. I’m not sure when that phase will end for me.

Baxter is kind of like Marley from Marley & Me. He’s really sweet, but he likes chewing…which is to be expected with a new puppy. He kind of growled at Oliver last night and Jeremy smacked him hard enough to where I don’t think he’ll do that again. I’ve had a few moments of thinking “What did I get myself into?” Haha. But as the day goes on, it seems to be getting a little easier watching both Oliver and Baxter at the same time. Baxter loves chewing on all of Oliver’s toys, so I’m going to have to whip out the anti-bacterial spray.


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