These days…

I never really appreciated my down time until I had Oliver. I would spend hours upon hours playing Sims all night, going out at midnight for a quick run to Walmart with my sister, spontaneous road trips with Jeremy…I didn’t realize how carefree I was before I had a child. I don’t regret where I am today, because I feel very loved and happy with Jeremy. Oliver is amazing and fills my heart up with joy every single minute of every single day, stress and all! Right now I am coming to the realization that my comfortable world is soon going to be thrown into a different state. After this year, more than likely, Jeremy will find a job in geology that may take us out of West Virginia, out of my comfort zone and away from the family I am very close to and love very much.

I worry. I’m a worrier. I always have been. I worry about my siblings constantly and I worry about my parents. Everyone says I’m the Mom. Always checking in on everyone and making sure everyone is okay as much as possible. I had the “mom” label way before I became an actual mother. It’s hard for me not to worry about everyone and I fear that that worry will only intensify if I am away from my family. I know I’ll enjoy uprooting and going someplace new for a change. I’ve always wanted to move out of state, even out of the country to maybe Canada, but that’s sooooo far away. I hope I’ll be able to adjust and calm down and not worry about my family back home. My sister is my best friend and I know I’ll be slightly devastated moving away to where I can’t go to the movies with her if I wanted to or just to hang out. Ugh, I cry just thinking about it. Debbie Downer. lol.

Besides worrying, I’m doing good. Jeremy and I rearranged Oliver’s bedroom and it looks really cute. We put up a few things that Jeremy had when he was little. I LOVE incorporating older things of sentimental value into Ollie’s world. I think it gives his room warmth. Plus, here lately I’ve had a knack for all things vintage. I’ll have to take a few pictures of the house and put them up soon, but that will be another day because Ollie is napping. Thank God! What a day.


One thought on “These days…

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