DIY and an Ollie update.

I made this DIY a few days ago for Ollie’s room. It’s hard sneaking in that time throughout the day for breaks, but I managed to get it all done in one day. I actually like how it turned out and that doesn’t happen very often. I’m kind of obsessed right now with DIY projects. Anytime Ollie takes a nap I think of stuff I can create, haha.

Anyway, today we are taking our precious little man to get a CT scan of his legs. His doctor noticed a bit of a difference in length, the right one is longer than the left. I’m not sure how big of a deal that is, because he seems just fine to us. He walks like all the other toddlers I’ve seen, so who knows. Hopefully it’s not to major of a difference that it will cause him problems later in life. I just worry he’ll have issues with his joints and hips if he’s not balanced out. It seems like that would cause some pain later on. They are probably going to give him some kind of medicine…I think it’s called Versed? But supposedly it makes toddlers sleepy and goofy. I’m actually kind of anxious to see because Ollie is already such a goofy kid anyway. He loves doing things to make us laugh. I foresee a potential class clown. Uh oh!

And lastly, Jeremy and I have fallen in love with this cook show called Hungry Girl. She puts a healthier spin on unhealthy food favorites. Last night we finally tried one of her recipes and it was ahhh-mazing! It was an apple pie substitute that involved one cut up apple, 10 red hots, half a sheet of graham cracker, and fat free 5 calorie whip cream. Like I said, it was great! If I can fix something that Jeremy loves and even says we need to fix for people when they come over, than obviously Hungry Girl has some pretty awesome healthy recipes!











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