I’m still learning as a photographer with each session I do. I’m such a goofball that I hardly charge anything because I’m so insecure that they won’t like my pictures. I’ve taken several so far and each time, I feel completely lost as to where I want them to pose, etc. I like candid pictures, the ones caught in the moment, and not posed. But sometimes, that leaves room for several photographs with closed eyes, awkward smiles, and maybe a few that everyone looks just right. I really want to take a photography class eventually. I want to learn how to tweak photographs using the Lightroom software and Photoshop as well. Maybe one day I’ll actually get good at photography and be confident enough to charge people a higher fee. That could help me stay at home with Ollie and our future babies while Jeremy works.

Anyway, with that being said, I shot some family shots of my friend Becky and her husband, Gabby, and their beautiful daughter, Madalyn. Gabby and I have known each other forever. Even before we can remember, but my mom has proof in the form of pictures! Our dad’s worked at Union Carbide together and both were transferred to Houston, TX. There is a picture of Gabby and I at our pre-school graduation together. Judging from the pictures, he was not having a great time. Haha. Somehow, our dad’s both got transferred back to WV and we ended up going to school together from kindergarten all the way up to our senior year. Becky and I also went to school together! She actually cut my hair for me senior year in our 4th period art class. She is now a stay-at-home momma who cuts hair on the side.  Now, we both have babies only a few months apart. Crazy how the world works, huh? It was neat taking their pictures for them yesterday.

My momma baby-sat Ollie for me by taking him around Ritter Park while I took their pictures. Towards the end, Ollie met his first little lady friend, Madalyn. They shared toys and goldfish.


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