Rambles…and more rambling, plus the many faces of Ollie.

I will start out by saying I’m pretty happy with how things are going right now. I took those family pictures for my friends  two weeks ago and I’ve already had 3 different people ask me if I could take their pictures. Although a part of me dreads taking portraits *Insecurity reasons on my part* another part of me is excited to get better and grow as a photographer.

So, the next thing, I’m obsessed with Pinterest and all the crafty ideas I see on there! Whenever Jeremy works late, I sit at my computer and obsessively look through pages of DIY projects and pictures of other people’s homes and how I want my home to look like that someday. It definitely gets your creative juices flowing when you see so much inspiration all in one place!

Another thing…I’m getting back into writing these days. Jeremy actually said weshould take a night or two and sit at our kitchen table and brainstorm ideas for possible screenplays. We dream big at the Jacobs household 😉 It’s relaxing for me to type up short stories after Ollie is in bed and Jeremy’s at work. I used to sit at my computer back in high school for hours and hours and write pages upon pages of stories. Of course, they never led to an actual novel and I’m pretty sure I’d die of embarrassment to even read any of them.

I’m up at midnight right now and I was just looking through old pictures of Ollie and it makes me sad how fast he’s growing up. I thought I’d post some earlier pictures of him because I’m in that nostalgic kind of mood right now. Could he possibly be any more of a character? I swear, he’s the best thing in this world!



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