Picture Albums.

You know that warm and fuzzy feeling you always get when you look at old picture albums of your family? Well, right now, I am creating an album that one day Oliver will look back on with his wife and say, “Wow, Mom and Dad loved me so much,” or “Wow, what kind of hairdo was Mom going for?” All of those things we think of when we look at those old pictures are some of the very same things Oliver will say one day.

I took a few polaroid pictures of Oliver with Jeremy last night. All of our 3 gazillion cameras had exhausted batteries in them, so the polaroid was the only option. I’m glad though because polaroids just give you that instant feeling of nostalgia. The picture already looks like it’s 15+ years old. I looked at some of the pictures and felt my stomach do all kinds of flips and flops. I have those moments every now and again where I get caught up in the moment and time stands still and the room feels like it’s spinning and then suddenly it all becomes clear…I have a son. I HAVE A CHILD! How and when did this all happen? Who thought to trust me… irresponsible, messy, forgetful ol’ me to raise a child? It’s a crazy world.

Anyway, the point I was trying to make is that I really need to just start living in the moment. Those photographs will age over time and a 23-year old future Ollie will look through all of the photo albums I put together and he’ll wonder how time flew by so quickly. Then he’ll start a family and the process will begin all over again. He’s my little man and I cherish my time with him so much. I love watching the family Jeremy and I created. I love watching Jeremy be a Dad and the giggles he gets from Ollie when he tickles his belly or makes funny faces at him. Life is precious.



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