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Picture heavy…

Thought I’d share some pictures from the trip to PA! We had such a great time with Jeremy’s family. Ollie was an angel as always and gave away free kisses like they were going out of style. I’m bummed our trip is already over, but I’m glad to be back to just unwind and catch up on sleep. Phew…traveling can be tiring!

Early Thanksgiving dinner at my Mom’s house…a few days before we left for PA.

Who knew…definitely going to try this DIY banner my Momma made with us when we were little!

On the way to Hegins, PA.


Things to be thankful for.

First off, I have a lot to be thankful for this year. I have a healthy family, a wonderful husband, and an amazing little boy who lights up my world. I sometimes take that for granted and get easily flustered. Sometimes you need a good slap across the face to wake you up and make you realize that life is very good and you have a lot to be thankful for.

I watched a video a friend of mine posted on Facebook earlier and honestly, within the first 20 seconds I was crying so hard I couldn’t stop. The video is about a little boy named Dax who was diagnosed with leukemia at only 13 months old. The whole town comes together and puts up their Christmas lights early because Dax’s doctors didn’t think he’d live to see Christmas. I hate that anyone out there has to go through something like that and it is absolutely heartbreaking to watch a child go through it. I don’t even want to think about Oliver getting sick. I think that’s why the video is so hard to watch. St. Jude’s should really get more attention for all that they do. I’m so glad there is a place out there for families going through all of that and helps them financially.


3 more days…

(Ollie listening to his Grammy’s recording of the Very First Christmas story)

I’m getting pretty excited about our trip to PA this week. Jeremy’s family is my family. I feel at home around them, which is awesome because no one likes an awkward family gathering. I definitely feel blessed in the in-law department. I can’t wait to pack up all the things we need in our Odyssey and not have to worry about leaving something behind because it won’t fit. Yay for vans! Gawd, I’m getting old.

Went to see Breaking Dawn today with my sister and I loved it! Of course, like all the other Twilight movies, there was definitely a good bit of cheese to it. I sometimes have to laugh at how bad the movies actually are, but for some reason, I love them. Not much to write about today…it was a good day though =)

Family traditions…

Last night after I fixed dinner, Jeremy asked if I wanted to go to Wal-mart to pick out a tree. I get stir-crazy being at the house most of the day and now that it’s cold, I haven’t been able to go walking with my sister and Ollie. So yes, I definitely wanted to go to Wal-mart. I love real trees and I know eventually we’ll get one in the next few years, but we have a puppy and a toddler so we needed something durable. I can just imagine Ollie picking at those pine needles and stabbing his poor little fingers! It was kind of late and way past Ollie’s bedtime, but he was a trooper and didn’t fuss at all. We found a pretty nice tree for $88! We also picked up some more ornaments because last  year was our first year away from our parents house and we only bought a few. I think we have 5 “Baby’s First Christmas” ornaments for Ollie, haha.

Once we got back home with our goodies, we put Ollie to bed and started putting the tree together while watching some of our shows on DVR. I must say, I truly love the family life. Jeremy drank a glass of wine and I had my fat-free hot coco…yum! I kind of got all nostalgic while looking at Ollie’s ornaments. My favorite part of helping my parents decorate the tree was looking at all of my tiny ornaments they had purchased over the years. Some were homemade and stitched, others were painted with my birth year, and of course, the cute little Hallmark ornaments. I can’t believe how fast time flies and how I’m already a parent to a sweet baby boy…although he’s not necessarily a baby anymore, he’ll always be one in my eyes. When did this whole parent thing happen?! Wasn’t I just on the other side of this story? Ah, it’s terrifying and awesome at the same time. Every year we’ll bring out those ornaments and let Oliver hang them on the tree because they’re “HIS” ornaments. And then one day there will be another sibling to help put up the ornaments. I’m getting ahead of myself, but you get my drift! Family is so important to me and I’m more than excited to pass on traditions to my new little family.

Oh boy…

My house is full of interesting little events that occur on a daily basis. For one, our puppy, Baxter, is still in the process of being house trained. He does a really good job and hardly pees in the house. However, when he does, you can hear the waterfall in the next room. Cringe. You know you’ll have a lake of pee in the middle of the floor to clean up with 10,000 paper towels and soap and water. Meanwhile, your toddler is making another mess in the next room you’ll also have to clean up.

Well, something funny happened a few nights ago. I was running the bath water to give Ollie his usual night time bath and Jeremy had already undressed him and he was running around the house completely naked. I went into his room and closed the door *he loves busting through all open doors to investigate* and I grabbed his pajamas and a clean diaper. Suddenly, I hear the waterfall. I think “OH MY GAWD…Baxter is peeing again,” but no…I open the door and there is my naked 17-month old son peeing right at the door to his bedroom. I go to grab him but he runs and slips amid his puddle of pee and falls and hits his head on the floor. Seriously!?!? Luckily he got right back up and didn’t cry at all.

There’s a point where you just have to stop and laugh at how crazy your life has become. I love being a Mom more than anything else in this world, but you get tired and worn down each and every day. You can either sit and cry at how stressful your life has become or you can sit and laugh and shake your head at the madness that happens everyday. I enjoy the crazy little memories my small family has already created in the last year and a half. It’s cute knowing one day I’ll embarrass Oliver by telling the pee story to his future girlfriends. I’ve heard plenty about Jeremy from his Mom and they are hilarious! My life is definitely  chaotic and stressful, but I love it =)

Getting my Merry Christmas on!

Last night I decided to start making some things for Christmas. I’ve been bitten by the DIY craft bug in the last year and it’s just something I really enjoy doing after Ollie goes to sleep. So last night I stayed up until almost 3 putting together some picture frames, stitching some embroidery, etc etc etc. I’ll just post some pictures to show you all the crap I did. Haha =) All our family room needs now is a Christmas tree and tons of little lights!

I’m going to be an….

Aunt!! I’ve known for quite some time, but I think everyone knows now. My brother, Brent, and his fiancée, Luci, are having a little boy! So now Ollie will have someone close in age to play with. I’m super happy for my brother. It’s kind of  a complicated mess right now though. Brent went to Ecuador last Winter/Spring and that’s where he met Luci. Before he left, they got engaged. They kept in touch via Skype, text messaging, etc. He went back in July and that’s when little Teo came to be. =) The complicated part is trying to get all of the Visa stuff worked out and getting Luci and Teo to the US once he arrives. I don’t think I will get to meet Teo until he is 3 months old, which really makes me sad. I just hope my brother will be able to see Luci and be there for her when she gives birth to Teo. I couldn’t imagine going through labor and giving birth to Oliver without Jeremy by my side.

Anyway, hopefully everything works out smoothly and Brent will be there when his little son arrives! I’m so excited for them. Parenthood is seriously the most rewarding role I’ve ever taken on and I wouldn’t change it for anything!

On a side note, I want to see this film!!

“I love you more than you’ll ever know…”

That was a phrase I heard a lot from my Dad while growing up. I think I’ve even mentioned it before on this blog. He gave me flowers for my baby shower with a card that had the phrase written on it.

Last night, I felt that overwhelming love for Ollie as I tucked him in to bed. His Grammy had watched him for Jeremy and I while we had a date night and for some reason I always feel a little guilty coming home and putting him right to bed without that little bit of bonding time. Grammy stayed a little bit longer after we got back home and we just watched him run around laughing and speaking gibberish. We discovered he has a new ticklish spot…his shoulders! Silly boy drops to his knees when we tickle him there now.

Anyway, back to the bed time story. I rocked Ollie for a little bit and read him a story and when it came time to put him in his crib, he didn’t cry at all. He just laid there with his little Buddy blankie and looked up at me and started speaking his gibberish like he was having this long conversation with me. I just leaned over his crib and acted like I knew what he was saying and told him I loved him and that I would see him in the morning. For some reason I felt guilty leaving him during his lengthy conversation so I stayed and talked to him. I know we didn’t really “talk” but it was the sweetest moment to date to just stand over his crib and him be completely calm. Tears welled up in my eyes as I tucked him in one last time and said goodnight. I think those are the moments when you really understand what your Dad meant when he said, “I love you more than you’ll ever know.” Because you have that same kind of unconditional, undying, infinite love for your own child now.