Oh boy…

My house is full of interesting little events that occur on a daily basis. For one, our puppy, Baxter, is still in the process of being house trained. He does a really good job and hardly pees in the house. However, when he does, you can hear the waterfall in the next room. Cringe. You know you’ll have a lake of pee in the middle of the floor to clean up with 10,000 paper towels and soap and water. Meanwhile, your toddler is making another mess in the next room you’ll also have to clean up.

Well, something funny happened a few nights ago. I was running the bath water to give Ollie his usual night time bath and Jeremy had already undressed him and he was running around the house completely naked. I went into his room and closed the door *he loves busting through all open doors to investigate* and I grabbed his pajamas and a clean diaper. Suddenly, I hear the waterfall. I think “OH MY GAWD…Baxter is peeing again,” but no…I open the door and there is my naked 17-month old son peeing right at the door to his bedroom. I go to grab him but he runs and slips amid his puddle of pee and falls and hits his head on the floor. Seriously!?!? Luckily he got right back up and didn’t cry at all.

There’s a point where you just have to stop and laugh at how crazy your life has become. I love being a Mom more than anything else in this world, but you get tired and worn down each and every day. You can either sit and cry at how stressful your life has become or you can sit and laugh and shake your head at the madness that happens everyday. I enjoy the crazy little memories my small family has already created in the last year and a half. It’s cute knowing one day I’ll embarrass Oliver by telling the pee story to his future girlfriends. I’ve heard plenty about Jeremy from his Mom and they are hilarious! My life is definitely  chaotic and stressful, but I love it =)


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