3 more days…

(Ollie listening to his Grammy’s recording of the Very First Christmas story)

I’m getting pretty excited about our trip to PA this week. Jeremy’s family is my family. I feel at home around them, which is awesome because no one likes an awkward family gathering. I definitely feel blessed in the in-law department. I can’t wait to pack up all the things we need in our Odyssey and not have to worry about leaving something behind because it won’t fit. Yay for vans! Gawd, I’m getting old.

Went to see Breaking Dawn today with my sister and I loved it! Of course, like all the other Twilight movies, there was definitely a good bit of cheese to it. I sometimes have to laugh at how bad the movies actually are, but for some reason, I love them. Not much to write about today…it was a good day though =)


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