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Exciting happenings…

Our household has been filled with some excitement lately. Jeremy and I are slowly, but surely purchasing things for our home-studio. I cannot wait for everything to arrive and set it up! After looking at several inspirational photographers on Pinterest, I think my main focus is going to be on photographing newborns. The fact that I’m somewhat familiar with newborns *haha!* I think I’ll be more comfortable in this area. If I didn’t have Oliver in the last 19 months, then I’d probably be terrified. I have a feeling I’ll get some serious baby fever though! Oliver is approaching 2 soon and we aren’t even talking about having another baby yet. Hopefully sooner rather than later! =)

I’ll post pictures as soon as everything arrives and is set up. The next step will be contacting every single new mom I know and asking them if I can take some newborn pictures!



Merry Christmas (Eve)!

Today wetook it easy…because we know what tomorrow is going to be like!!! House after house after house after house. It’s never ending, but oh so fun! We actually went up to Jeremy’s parents house for lunch and his mom gave us two bottles of wine to try. *I promise we’re not alcoholics!* After we got home, we let Oliver open 2 of his gifts. We bought him a table with two little chairs and a sit-and-spin toy. Unfortunately, he seems a little too young for the sit-and-spin right now. He’ll open the rest of his gifts tomorrow, so hopefully he’ll like them! Tonight the three of us went over to my dad’s for his regular Christmas Eve dinner. It’s nice to have his dinner the night before because that makes one less stop in an already jam packed schedule. We had a good time at Dad’s, but I think we’re ready to get some rest for tomorrow.

(I think it’s pretty obvious we love our little man!)

(Jeremy took this one…I was standing right beside of him so he wouldn’t get brave and try to fly)


Christmas is only 3 days away…I cannot wait until little man opens his gifts Christmas morning. I definitely think it’s more exciting when you have a child! When you are younger it’s awesome because you still believe in Santa Clause, but then you find out he’s not real and Christmas just isn’t the same anymore. Then, you have a baby and all that excitement comes back! Except it’s more about how happy you make your child by giving him/her something. Writing it all out kind of sounds bad. We don’t spoil Oliver, but it’s nice when we can buy him a few new things. He gets new clothes and new toys, but he also gets clothes from consignment shops and toys from yard sales. Once you have a child, you realize how fast they outgrow things and it’s insanely expensive to buy brand new items for every item they’ve outgrown! I like being cost-effective, haha.

On to other things, this week has been a pretty good week in terms of eating healthy. I get up every morning and fix a fruit smoothie which gives me a lot of energy. I’m so glad I’m choosing the right things to eat instead of the bad things. Lunch is also usually fruit, and dinner is something I’m working on improving. I eat healthy, but it’s also the same thing every night. Luckily for Jeremy, I picked him up a filet mignon at the store, so he’ll love that! He wants to improve his eating habits, but he still wants to eat meat so that’s perfectly fine! I’m trying to stick to a mostly vegetarian lifestyle however. We also cut out all diet pop, so now that we have our caffeine-withdrawl headaches out of the way, it seems to be smooth-sailing as far as drinking only water goes. Ollie of course still drinks his whole milk and healthy foods. I would never put him on a vegetarian diet unless he was old enough to decide he wanted to be on one. He eats pretty healthy. No pop allowed, no candy…however, sometimes we let him eat fruit loops which is laced with sugar. I want him to have healthy eating habits when he gets older and not have to deal with weight issues. I want my baby living a long, healthy, life!  =)  I’ve also dropped about 6 pounds this week just by cutting out most sugars and white flour!

(This little bugger wanted to walk the entire trail, with no carrying from Mommy or Daddy!)

My Jeremy…

is seriously the most amazing man in this world. Not only does he provide shelter, food, transportation, for Ollie and I, he also knows exactly what to get a girl for Christmas. Today I was surprised with an early Christmas present…a Canon t3i! It’s definitely viewed as an investment which I will use for my business so it’s just another step closer to being able to make extra income for my small family. I need to build up my lens collection, but I am so excited! Hopefully I won’t let my insecurities get in the way of those dreams. I know I am a good photographer, not the best, but good enough. I know the economy isn’t the greatest right now, so I’m definitely fine with charging on the lower end. Also, that helps me feel more comfortable since I a newbie somewhat and I want to make sure they LOVE their photographs.

Anyway, I just had to update that about my amazing husband. I’m so grateful he sees potential in my photography and is willing to put $$ on the line for it. Just to clarify, I love him no matter what. With or without a new camera. Haha. He fills my life with happiness, laughter, sometimes frustration, but he’s my best friend.

Picking up healthy habits.

(Baxter enjoying the warm day outside)

At the beginning of the week, I wrote a Facebook update about how off track I’ve gotten with my diet since the holidays rolled around. A friend from high school suggested eating a vegetarian diet and his wife is even studying holistic nutrition and is a vegetarian. It kind of made me aware of how unhealthy I’ve been eating and the fact that I have a family to raise and feed. I want to teach Oliver healthy eating habits. Like my friend stated, it shouldn’t be viewed as a diet, or temporary fix, and be viewed as more of a lifestyle change. I was a vegetarian for almost 3 years before I got pregnant with Oliver and I felt good and didn’t really have to worry about gaining too much weight. I know some vegetarians make up for calories by eating candy and sweets, but I wasn’t that kind. I actually under ate and kind of was unhealthy in the way I didn’t eat enough. So, anyway, I mentioned this to Jeremy and he seems on board!

Today was our first real day eating strictly vegetarian and so far it’s been going very well. I ate cheerios and soy milk for breakfast, a veggie burger and a side of applesauce for lunch, no snacking in between meals, and finally fixed black beans with rice to put in a very low-calorie burrito for dinner. I need to make it appealing to Jeremy and burritos seemed like a good first dinner to get him going with the idea of eliminating meat. We also walked at the park and looked at Christmas lights so I think our first day went very well. I know I’m not going to tell a difference right away, but what I’m mostly looking forward to is getting some energy back by eating all of the nutritious foods. I need to stock up on fruits and veggies tomorrow!

On a side note, all beautiful Christmas trees go out the window when you have a toddler and puppy who like ripping things off of it. Hence all the cluster of ornaments and lights up high.

Finding ‘ME’ again.

Oh boy…I don’t know if it’s just where Ollie is getting 2 more teeth in this week, or the terrible two’s are hitting a little early, but I am worn out by each day’s end. Let me start out by saying this first, I LOVE being a mom to my little boy. It’s the greatest title I’ll ever have in this life. However, sometimes I think I put so much of my time and focus into making sure Oliver is great that sometimes I forget to set aside some time in each day for just me. Like exercise. I never do. I’m so tired when I put him down for a nap that I just sit on the couch or get on the computer because that’s my little window of relaxation. But, It’s not productive usually. I need to start getting my old self back. I loved exercising, eating right, writing, taking pictures, etc. I can’t name a time since I’ve had Oliver that I’ve had his Grammy watch him so I could go out and just snap pictures of whatever I wanted to. I used to love taking pictures of little things and I don’t do that anymore. I feel like I go through each day like a zombie because I stay up way too late (again, doing nothing productive). I just feel like I’ve given up on myself or something. It’s kind of sad, but the one thing I do DO everyday is straighten my hair. Hahahahaha. It’s hard getting that little bit of time to myself because my husband works and goes to school. When he’s home, he needs to sleep and also when he’s awake, he needs to study. I’m not complaining about him! I’m very very grateful for how hard he works for everything!

I just need to set a goal each day that I make sure I do one thing for myself that makes me healthier and enhances my mood!



I have been looking into different ways I can expand my photography business now that Jeremy and I are taking it seriously. I really do need to upgrade my camera and lenses, but that will come eventually. I first need clients! I came across this amazing photographer and I would love to shoot like she does.

Check out her link below!


Hold your babies and family and friends close. Do good things. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Love one another. You never know when someone might need a hug to get them through the day.

That being said, all is well on my side. I just think some people appreciate it when someone remembers them and gives them a call or sends them an e-mail =)

Photos from my iPhone:

(Silly boy needs his football helmet to ride his horsey…maybe he’s thinking ahead in case he falls off!)

(Jeremy’s mom was home babysitting Ollie, so we had a date night and treated ourselves to a drink!)

(Cuddling with my hubby on the couch while watching the Walking Dead’s mid-season finale)

(Goofball talking with his mouth full of applesauce!)


When I looked at you, my life made sense. Even the bad things made sense. They were necessary to make you possible.

Just a little music to pass the time.