When life passes you by…

Ugh, I hate that realization that time is flying by. I know I talk about it a lot on here, but good Lord…I’m going to be 60 before I know it!  Tonight my mom sent me a video of Ollie from several months ago learning to walk and I just started crying, for no reason! Just crying because I could and because I couldn’t believe how fast he’s growing up before my very eyes. He was laughing in the video and getting super excited just taking one step and then he collapsed into my arms, still laughing. I love that little boy more than anything else in this world and I know Jeremy feels the same way. I’m proud of Jeremy and I for being the best parents we know how to. No one really knows how to be a parent until you become one. You can read all the books you want, but you don’t really get the real grasp of everything until you bring that little one home.

Another indication of time flying by…I’ve already gone up to PA with Jeremy for his family’s Thanksgiving visit 4 years in a row. How is that possible?!?!?! I hate how fast the days go by. I seriously love being there with his family. They are my family too now I suppose, so I’m sure that’s why it feels so comfortable. I look forward to it next year…just wanting the days to slow down a little bit!



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