Putting on my big girl pants.

Well, it looks like I may have a new job! My good friend,  Jamie, told me a few weeks ago about the job opening. She texted me this morning telling me I have an interview on Monday morning and that the position involves clerical work. I’m excited, because this is the kind of job I was looking for. Plus, I’ll have her there with me so I won’t feel so freaked out going back to work. However, I am freaking out about leaving Oliver at a daycare. I’m going to do some intense research over the next week. We went over to Jamie’s tonight so Oliver and Mason could play. My little man is so laid back. He just sat down on this little kiddie couch and watched Mason play and occasionally he’d get up and play with him. It’s so cute watching him play with other kids his age.

I just need to get over my anxietyof leaving Oliver with someone besides family. I seriously had a panic attack reading all the reviews on daycares in our area. Not very good at all! =( I just want to cry, but I know he needs the social interaction with other kids. And I also think he’d enjoy it. At least that’s what I’m telling myself for now. ugh.


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