Just driving by…

(Oliver, Christmas 2010)

Tonight I took Oliver over to my dad’s house to have dinner with everyone. It’s kind of a weekend tradition because my dad lives out of town during the week and then comes back home on the weekends to see everyone. He loves being a Grampy and soon he’ll have another grandson, Teo (pronounced Tay-O), to add to the list! I still can’t believe my brother is going to be a Dad. I’m excited for him and I can’t wait for Luci and Teo to get here in April. Well, actually, we’re not sure when they’ll be able to come to the US due to Visa issues, etc. But either way, I’m going to be an Aunt and I’m super excited for Ollie to have a cousin to play with sooner rather than later. =)

On the drive to my dad’s, I always pass this one large cemetery on the right and tonight it was so pretty. Someone had put tea light candles in little white paper bags and placed them on each grave. I got out of my car and took pictures of it, although the picture above doesn’t do it much justice. It was beautiful and peaceful…not at all creepy like I would have thought. Ha. I hope I didn’t disrespect any unwritten cemetery etiquette by taking pictures!

On a side note, I think I’m getting back into photography. Jeremy and I have talked about upgrading my 4-year old Sony Alpha 200 to a Canon t3i…The Canon would almost double the amount of megapixels my Sony has, so yes!! I want I want! The only problem is that I’ll have to start a new lens collection with the Canon and that can be pretty costly. We both want to try and make this my career for a number of reasons. I can set my own hours and be home with Oliver (eventually). I wouldn’t have to go back to school, which I keep putting off each year. I could bank on weddings and engagement sessions. I love taking pictures! Last, but not least, I wouldn’t have to wait forever to have another baby. If I went back to school, it would have to be at least 4 more years before we could even think about trying for another baby. I don’t want Ollie to be 10 before he has a sibling.

One can dream, I suppose.


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