Finding ‘ME’ again.

Oh boy…I don’t know if it’s just where Ollie is getting 2 more teeth in this week, or the terrible two’s are hitting a little early, but I am worn out by each day’s end. Let me start out by saying this first, I LOVE being a mom to my little boy. It’s the greatest title I’ll ever have in this life. However, sometimes I think I put so much of my time and focus into making sure Oliver is great that sometimes I forget to set aside some time in each day for just me. Like exercise. I never do. I’m so tired when I put him down for a nap that I just sit on the couch or get on the computer because that’s my little window of relaxation. But, It’s not productive usually. I need to start getting my old self back. I loved exercising, eating right, writing, taking pictures, etc. I can’t name a time since I’ve had Oliver that I’ve had his Grammy watch him so I could go out and just snap pictures of whatever I wanted to. I used to love taking pictures of little things and I don’t do that anymore. I feel like I go through each day like a zombie because I stay up way too late (again, doing nothing productive). I just feel like I’ve given up on myself or something. It’s kind of sad, but the one thing I do DO everyday is straighten my hair. Hahahahaha. It’s hard getting that little bit of time to myself because my husband works and goes to school. When he’s home, he needs to sleep and also when he’s awake, he needs to study. I’m not complaining about him! I’m very very grateful for how hard he works for everything!

I just need to set a goal each day that I make sure I do one thing for myself that makes me healthier and enhances my mood!



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