Picking up healthy habits.

(Baxter enjoying the warm day outside)

At the beginning of the week, I wrote a Facebook update about how off track I’ve gotten with my diet since the holidays rolled around. A friend from high school suggested eating a vegetarian diet and his wife is even studying holistic nutrition and is a vegetarian. It kind of made me aware of how unhealthy I’ve been eating and the fact that I have a family to raise and feed. I want to teach Oliver healthy eating habits. Like my friend stated, it shouldn’t be viewed as a diet, or temporary fix, and be viewed as more of a lifestyle change. I was a vegetarian for almost 3 years before I got pregnant with Oliver and I felt good and didn’t really have to worry about gaining too much weight. I know some vegetarians make up for calories by eating candy and sweets, but I wasn’t that kind. I actually under ate and kind of was unhealthy in the way I didn’t eat enough. So, anyway, I mentioned this to Jeremy and he seems on board!

Today was our first real day eating strictly vegetarian and so far it’s been going very well. I ate cheerios and soy milk for breakfast, a veggie burger and a side of applesauce for lunch, no snacking in between meals, and finally fixed black beans with rice to put in a very low-calorie burrito for dinner. I need to make it appealing to Jeremy and burritos seemed like a good first dinner to get him going with the idea of eliminating meat. We also walked at the park and looked at Christmas lights so I think our first day went very well. I know I’m not going to tell a difference right away, but what I’m mostly looking forward to is getting some energy back by eating all of the nutritious foods. I need to stock up on fruits and veggies tomorrow!

On a side note, all beautiful Christmas trees go out the window when you have a toddler and puppy who like ripping things off of it. Hence all the cluster of ornaments and lights up high.


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