My Jeremy…

is seriously the most amazing man in this world. Not only does he provide shelter, food, transportation, for Ollie and I, he also knows exactly what to get a girl for Christmas. Today I was surprised with an early Christmas present…a Canon t3i! It’s definitely viewed as an investment which I will use for my business so it’s just another step closer to being able to make extra income for my small family. I need to build up my lens collection, but I am so excited! Hopefully I won’t let my insecurities get in the way of those dreams. I know I am a good photographer, not the best, but good enough. I know the economy isn’t the greatest right now, so I’m definitely fine with charging on the lower end. Also, that helps me feel more comfortable since I a newbie somewhat and I want to make sure they LOVE their photographs.

Anyway, I just had to update that about my amazing husband. I’m so grateful he sees potential in my photography and is willing to put $$ on the line for it. Just to clarify, I love him no matter what. With or without a new camera. Haha. He fills my life with happiness, laughter, sometimes frustration, but he’s my best friend.


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