Christmas is only 3 days away…I cannot wait until little man opens his gifts Christmas morning. I definitely think it’s more exciting when you have a child! When you are younger it’s awesome because you still believe in Santa Clause, but then you find out he’s not real and Christmas just isn’t the same anymore. Then, you have a baby and all that excitement comes back! Except it’s more about how happy you make your child by giving him/her something. Writing it all out kind of sounds bad. We don’t spoil Oliver, but it’s nice when we can buy him a few new things. He gets new clothes and new toys, but he also gets clothes from consignment shops and toys from yard sales. Once you have a child, you realize how fast they outgrow things and it’s insanely expensive to buy brand new items for every item they’ve outgrown! I like being cost-effective, haha.

On to other things, this week has been a pretty good week in terms of eating healthy. I get up every morning and fix a fruit smoothie which gives me a lot of energy. I’m so glad I’m choosing the right things to eat instead of the bad things. Lunch is also usually fruit, and dinner is something I’m working on improving. I eat healthy, but it’s also the same thing every night. Luckily for Jeremy, I picked him up a filet mignon at the store, so he’ll love that! He wants to improve his eating habits, but he still wants to eat meat so that’s perfectly fine! I’m trying to stick to a mostly vegetarian lifestyle however. We also cut out all diet pop, so now that we have our caffeine-withdrawl headaches out of the way, it seems to be smooth-sailing as far as drinking only water goes. Ollie of course still drinks his whole milk and healthy foods. I would never put him on a vegetarian diet unless he was old enough to decide he wanted to be on one. He eats pretty healthy. No pop allowed, no candy…however, sometimes we let him eat fruit loops which is laced with sugar. I want him to have healthy eating habits when he gets older and not have to deal with weight issues. I want my baby living a long, healthy, life!  =)  I’ve also dropped about 6 pounds this week just by cutting out most sugars and white flour!

(This little bugger wanted to walk the entire trail, with no carrying from Mommy or Daddy!)


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