Merry Christmas (Eve)!

Today wetook it easy…because we know what tomorrow is going to be like!!! House after house after house after house. It’s never ending, but oh so fun! We actually went up to Jeremy’s parents house for lunch and his mom gave us two bottles of wine to try. *I promise we’re not alcoholics!* After we got home, we let Oliver open 2 of his gifts. We bought him a table with two little chairs and a sit-and-spin toy. Unfortunately, he seems a little too young for the sit-and-spin right now. He’ll open the rest of his gifts tomorrow, so hopefully he’ll like them! Tonight the three of us went over to my dad’s for his regular Christmas Eve dinner. It’s nice to have his dinner the night before because that makes one less stop in an already jam packed schedule. We had a good time at Dad’s, but I think we’re ready to get some rest for tomorrow.

(I think it’s pretty obvious we love our little man!)

(Jeremy took this one…I was standing right beside of him so he wouldn’t get brave and try to fly)


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