Exciting happenings…

Our household has been filled with some excitement lately. Jeremy and I are slowly, but surely purchasing things for our home-studio. I cannot wait for everything to arrive and set it up! After looking at several inspirational photographers on Pinterest, I think my main focus is going to be on photographing newborns. The fact that I’m somewhat familiar with newborns *haha!* I think I’ll be more comfortable in this area. If I didn’t have Oliver in the last 19 months, then I’d probably be terrified. I have a feeling I’ll get some serious baby fever though! Oliver is approaching 2 soon and we aren’t even talking about having another baby yet. Hopefully sooner rather than later! =)

I’ll post pictures as soon as everything arrives and is set up. The next step will be contacting every single new mom I know and asking them if I can take some newborn pictures!



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