Some scores this week.

Since I’ve decided to focus on newborns, I knew I’d have to create a studio very heavy with newborn props, such as blankets, crates, baskets, hats, and hairbands. That stuff adds up!! So I was lucky this week when I told my father-in-law to keep an eye out for old crates when he went to flea markets. He brought one over and I loved it!

In addition to the crate, I mentioned to my dad that I was wanting to make some faux flooring to set the crates, etc, on and he mentioned he had an unopened box of bamboo flooring leftover from when he built his house. So another awesome score!

And in the process of trying to find the wood at my Dad’s house, I found 2 old blankets that would be perfect for sessions…here is one of them!

So that sums up some of the money savers!

Now for some of Ollie, of course =)

Eating some eggs and toast…he just isn’t a real big fan of eggs. I don’t blame him!


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