No longer a baby.

Yesterday I went to my dad’s house with Oliver and we hung out with my sister. I brought my camera because I wanted to take a few pictures of Oliver in the field next to my dad’s house. Oliver didn’t really enjoy the tall grass so he stuck mostly to the road. Looking at these pictures kind of stirs emotions of both sadness and happiness. My little baby is no longer a baby. He’s only 19.5 months old, but compared to that tiny 8lb 10oz baby that I gave birth to, he is a toddler who is growing up way too fast. He is in that stage right now where he constantly wants to be on the move. He hates sitting still, which means hugs and kisses and quiet time are few and far between. At night when he’s about to go to bed, he will sit up on the couch with Jeremy and I and watch TV while drinking his last sippy cup of milk. He is heavy on kisses and hugs during those times. Jeremy and I both cherish that.


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