Feb photo challenge…

I saw this on tumblr and thought it would be fun to try… (Full list below picture)

Day 1- Your view today…

Day 1- View of your day.

Day 2- Words.

Day 3- Hands.

Day 4- A stranger.

Day 5- 10am.

Day 6- Dinner.

Day 7- Button.

Day 8- Sun.

Day 9- Front door.

Day 10-Self- Portrait.

Day 11- Makes you happy.

Day 12-Inside your closet.

Day 13- Blue.

Day 14- Heart.

Day 15- Phone.

Day 16- Something new.

Day 17- Time.

Day 18- Drink.

Day 19- Something you hate to do.

Day 20- Handwriting.

Day 21- A favorite photo of you.

Day 22- Where you work.

Day 23- Your shoes.

Day 24- Inside your bathroom cabinet.

Day 25- Green.

Day 26- Night.

Day 27- Something you ate.

Day 28- Money.

Day 29- Something you are listening to.



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