Newborn session.

Yesterday, I took some newborn pictures for my friend, Shama, and her little girl, Lily. It was my first ever attempt at photographing a newborn and it was definitely challenging. I’ve read where it is best to shoot between 4-7 days old because that’s when the newborn still loves being swaddled and sleeps most of the day. Well, Miss Lily was 21 days old and it was the first time her family wasn’t sick with a stomach bug or cold since she was born. I was so happy to photograph Lily because I felt comfortable with Shama being a friend of mine. I knew she would be patient with me and wouldn’t think I was a moron, haha! Anyway, so far I’ve noticed that editing newborn pictures is just as challenging as the actual session. When babies are first born, they have red, blotchy skin because their circulatory systems are still working things out. When you have a picture of a mommy holding her baby you really see the difference in skin tones. So, I wondered how on earth all of those adorable newborn babies I saw on photographers blogs all looked so perfect with even skin tones. After some googling, I found a way to help even everything out.It definitely is time consuming, but I love what I do. Even though I am always unsure of myself when I’m taking pictures, I enjoy it. I enjoy the editing process a lot too. Here is an example of a before and after.


It gets time consuming, but like I said…I love what I do!!


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