With news of the upholding of the Affordable Health Care Act yesterday, I cried tears of joy. People who cannot afford insurance, can now have a heavy weight taken off their shoulders. As sweet as this is, some people cannot share my joy as well as the joy of others. They don’t’ agree with the act. They are angry that it passed. I just don’t see how people can square that with their faith? How can you deny a man or woman or child who is in dire need of health care the right to receive treatment because they cannot afford the outrageous health insurance premiums. Is their life less valuable then yours? Can you put a dollar figure on someone’s life? I just can’t get over their lack of compassion for human beings. What the hell?!?! My husband works two jobs right now, and I babysit and take people’s pictures to help out until he graduates this year. The only reason I have health insurance is because my amazing father-in-law got me coverage. It’s a very basic plan and it doesn’t include anything like cancer, but it’s coverage nonetheless and I am forever grateful to him. He cares about a person who is not his child, no blood relation.

Jeremy and I watched Sicko yesterday just to further drive into our heads that we are not the crazy ones for believing this was an amazing moment for our country. You can’t get through more than ten minutes of it without bawling your eyes out. People don’t realize this bill is about more than just helping out the uninsured. It’s also about protecting them from their own insurance companies. What’s funny about Sicko is that it’s pretty much only about people who have health insurance, but got kicked to the curb when they started having health issues. One woman’s husband needed a bone marrow transplant or else he’d die. He found a perfect match in his own brother. They were excited because this meant he was going to be healed and live. They got a rejection letter in the mail from the insurance company stating the surgery was “experimental” so he went home and died. He could have lived had his insurance company approved the surgery. Mind blowing. A woman lost her soul mate, a child lost his father.

Okay, I’m done ranting. I know it’s not good to do that on a public forum for people to see, but I’m so ashamed of people.


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