Here and there and somewhere in between.

This past week we were uprooted from our home and re-located to my dad’s house for a few days. A massive storm caused most of our state to lose power, but somehow my dad still had it! Thank God! I always worry about natural disasters and how I’d handle them with a child. The worry factor goes way up when you know your little one needs certain things and might not be able to get them. But like I said, crisis averted thanks to my dad housing my little family!

I shot a wedding reception on Sunday…luckily was able to charge my camera batteries at my dad’s house beforehand.
We got our power back on last night, but then lost power again due to a powerful storm. Haha, seriously… I have one more wedding to shoot on Saturday and then I’m beach bound with my Jeremy and Oliver. I can’t wait to see how Ollie does on the beach this year now that he is so active and able to walk. It blows my mind that he wasn’t even walking this time last year.

Today marked 4 crazy years with my Jeremy. It’s been a wild ride, but I am very grateful to have him as my husband. He’s very supportive of my photography business and he’s a great Daddy.

Happy Fourth of July!


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