Monthly Archives: August 2012

Did a family session last night!


I used to live and breathe this song years ago. Still one of my favorites.

A good day.

Tonight my mom and sister came over so we could Skype with Brent, Luci, and Teo!

A glimpse into today…

Jeremy has a few days off before he starts back to school on Monday…his last semester!! He now only works one job now that his internship is over, so it’s nice having him home more often. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us once he graduates in December. We are thinking our next move will be to Pittsburgh, near his brother and his brother’s girlfriend. It’s exciting to think about all of the changes that will take place, but also quite frightening. I’ve never really been too far away from my family. I know PA is only a few hours away, but it’s still far away enough to where you can’t just go visit someone after you get off work. It will also be weird not having family around to babysit. Ollie has never been in a daycare, nor has he ever had a babysitter that wasn’t family. That part terrifies me.

Anyway, this past weekend we tried out having a yardsale and failed miserably. We made some money but we wanted to really just de-clutter our home. That didn’t really happen. Haha. but we hung on to the fondue set we had never used and broke it out last night after Ollie went to bed. I must say…I’m very happy no one bought it!! We also have a dart board we didn’t sell and are looking forward to hanging it in our office…another after Ollie goes to bed activity. Haha =)

New family member…

So last summer Jeremy and I decided we wanted to get a puppy. We adopted one from an animal shelter and it was a lab mix. Well, this little buddy didn’t seem to listen well and he would even snap at my son and my husband. He’d bite, tear everything up. He was like Marley. We decided we needed to find him a new home and so he is now happy on a 36 acre piece of land with a big family and 2 furry friends.

This week, I don’t know what possessed me but I wanted to find another dog. A small breed that would be easy to carry and have a good temperament. We found Clifford. A 6-week old schnauzer/poodle mix. So far he has been awesome and very tame. Something we need in a smallish house with a child. Ollie loves him and no matter what, we are going to keep him. Here is our new family member.

On a side note, we do watch Ollie when he is around him…I know it looks like he is choking Cliffy, but he’s not. haha.