Fall, the happiest time of the year…


Life is crazy busy lately…I don’t know what the deal is, but ever since I started back to work, more and more people have been asking me to take their pictures. I love taking pictures, but after working overtime and being away from Jeremy and Oliver, I kind of want to stay home one weekend and just relax. If the weather permits, I have three sessions this weekend! I enjoy the extra money, so I guess I’m not going to complain any more. Ollie’s been so great lately. He has his moments where he likes to push our patience, but he’s so hilarious. He tried to tell our puppy tonight to blow his nose as he held up a tissue.

I really like working again. I thought it would be hard going back after 2.5 years at home with Oliver, but I think it’s just what I needed. I loved every second being with Oliver, but I like adult interaction. I’m very happy I found a doctor’s office to work at that is only a few miles away from my house. Oliver’s daycare is amazing too. It’s an in-home daycare and Abbie is amazing with the kids. Things are going well!!


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