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Hello, Pittsburgh.

(pictures galore below)

We’ve officially been in Pittsburgh for 13 days. I’m still getting used to calling this place my home instead of Hurricane. Before we moved, I had so much going on that I didn’t really have time to process how much everything was going to change. Jeremy moved in with his brother about a month ago and started his new job in Pittsburgh while I stayed behind with Ollie and painted and packed up our house all while still working full time at my job. We squeezed in a beach trip right before the move as well. Oh, and my brother got married to Luci! However, the wedding was literally a day before I had to move. So I rushed away for a few hours to take pictures then came back home and resumed the daunting task of packing up my life that I built here with Jeremy and Ollie over the last three years in our house, not to mention the 24 years I had lived in West Virginia.

Pittsburgh is neat. I’m not going to sell it short by any means, but I do miss home. We’ve had our parents up to visit already with the exception of my dad who is coming to visit on Sunday. I’m lucky because we live near Jeremy’s brother and his brother’s girlfriend, Kristen. We’ve been having weekly dinners together so that helps with the home sickness. My biggest fear is not knowing where anything is, although I’m working on that! Today, for instance, there were storm warnings around the area and I didn’t even know what county I lived in so I didn’t know if that applied to us or not. I’ve found Ikea, so I’m good =) I found a neat park for Ollie, so he’s good. I didn’t think I’d get so emotional about Ollie having to leave behind his buddies from daycare. But I totally started sobbing tonight while talking about it to my mom and Jeremy. Ollie and Lucie were always together at daycare and they seriously acted like an old married couple. Not to mention Abbie who watched him all day. They were all close to each other. Ugh. Anyway, I’m trying to stay on the positive side of things. Jeremy has a good job, we have health insurance, and there is a lot to explore here. We have a drive-in movie theater literally 8 minutes away from our house. Totally going there! I’ve already been to Jo-Ann fabrics so I’ve got some DIY projects in the works. Now I just need to find a job…

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