Monthly Archives: November 2013

So bad at updating…


I think Jeremy and I will fit into the “cool” parents circle one day‚Ķespecially for dressing our 3 year old up as a Zombie for Halloween. Then again, he was also a cop and a pirate. He had multiple outfits. Ha!

It’s now November and Pittsburgh is starting to grow on me. We have yet to truly take advantage of where we live, but I have a feeling now that things are settling down we will start exploring. I’d love to take Ollie to the zoo and some of the museums nearby. I have a job at a medical office and I really enjoy it. I am kind of proud of myself for packing up and planting roots in a totally new place hours away from anything familiar. I love my co-workers! We spend a good part of the day laughing, so it doesn’t feel like work so much. I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing with photography though. A part of me still wants to pursue it, but then I think of how hard it is to commit to editing when you work full time and have a family. I am still editing a wedding from Sept 21. Ah! ¬†Jeremy and I went away for a few days last week with my brother in law and his lady while Ollie stayed behind with his Gammy and Mimi. It was a nice little cabin in the woods and it had a great big pond in the back. The boys got drunk and decided to clean out the waterlogged paddle boat and take it for a spin. Jeremy and I ended up paddling around the pond for a good hour or more until it was too dark to do it anymore. I’m excited to get into exercising again. Hopefully I’ll start joining Kristen on the weekends for a few yoga classes. That’s it for now =)